We live up to our vision

We want to enable everyone to live their outdoor passion with friends and family unconditionally.

  • Enable more people to experience nature and trails
  • Facilitate riding together – regardless of age and physical fitness
  • Respectful and appreciative interaction in society and nature
  • Intensive exchange and fostering of the bike community and local clubs

The kommit® team

Get to know the kommit ® team. For several years inventor Robert Rieger contemplated the idea of a bike towing system so that his children could have more fun on trail rides. He spent many years fiddling around and testing. With the help of his friend Frank Hofmann, who is also a product developer, he was able to bring kommit® to market maturity in only 6 months. It’s nice to have friends who share the same passion, even professionally.

We want to share our passion with the whole bike community!

Robert Rieger


+49 (0) 9142 3832 5


Frank Hofmann

Product Development, Design

+49 (0) 9142 3832 1


Andy Rieger

Global Sales Manager &

+49 (0) 9142 3832 7


Andy Fink

Sales Manager – New Market

+49 (0) 9142 3832 9


Adrian Krebelder

Sales Manager D/A/CH

+49 (0) 9142 3832 8


Carsten Gimmler

Key Account Manager D/A/CH

+49 (0) 9142 3832 8


Felix Daumenlang

Production / QM

+49 (0) 9142 3832 1


Miriam Hofmann

Customer inquiries / Social Media

+49 (0) 9142 3832 1

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ISPO Award Winner 2022

"...in order to offer children easy and uncomplicated support when going uphill, the German startup kommit® has developed a traction system that is as convincing as it is simple." by ispo.com

Best of 2023 Award - World of MTB Magazine

One of the leading mountain bike magazines in Germany, the World of MTB, awarded us the prestigious "BEST OF 2023" award.


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Dealers & Test Center

You can test the kommit® Bike Towing System easily on site at stores, trail parks, bike parks or bike schools.

The kommit® Team

Get to know our kommit® team. "We want to share our passion with the whole bike community!

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